The JamBusters Preserves story

It’s true this site is predominantly about success stories of Enterprizes in Canada’s South East. But, occasionally I see something outside the South East which grabs my attention. JamBusters preserves story fits into that category.

Last month I was traveling in British Columbia when I came across the first ever Chamber Vendors market in Princeton. Of course, it’s can still be pretty cool in February, so the Market was conducted indoors, and being the first, there were a small but select group of vendors present.

Brenda Co-Founder JamBusters Preserves
Brenda Engel

The stall that caught my eye was JamBusters. Run by Brenda and George, JamBusters sell a range of preserves which they bottle themselves.

I paused at their tasting table, and Brenda opened a jar of Cherry jelly.It not only took me back to Springtime but transported me to a springtime of my youth. To a time when my late Grandma was canning and bottling the surplus produce from her Garden.

I later learned that Brenda grew up on a farm, with a large and very productive garden, much like my Gran’s. She too spent many an afternoon in the kitchen, preserving all of that fresh produce for use during the Winter months.

Whilst small, they are committed to the products they sell. Brenda puts her soul into perfecting JamBusters preserves recipes and prepares much of the product herself.

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Cyclo Vac a South East success story

Cyclo Vac, is one of the great success stories in home vacuum systems, and it started, and remains, right here in South East Canada.

Cyclo Vac History

Cyclo VacBased in Blainville, Quebec, Les Industries Trovac Ltée (ITL) was founded by Mr. Jacques Bruneau in 1960.

An expert in central vacuum systems, Jacques set out to make and sell the best Central Vacuum system available. The Cyclo Vac brand with its unique Burgundy color scheme was launched in 1976. The Company makes a remarkably quiet, performance based system respected through out the World.

It’s products quickly gained market acceptance, and one successful product followed another, with the brand being recognized for its reliability and quality. Ongoing success put pressure on distribution, so a Distribution center was opened in British Columbia (1989) followed by another in Treffieux, France in 1990.

By 1997 products were shipping worldwide, and continued growth saw the building of a new 30,000 square foot plant in Blainville. Since then these premises have been expanded to 75,000 Square feet. An additional distribution center was opened Kansas City in 2012. Ironically ,Canadians often visit online review sites looking for the best vacuum for carpet  ignoring this home grown company on their doorstep.

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How do I extend my Electric Shaver’s Life?

Using the best electric shaver and getting just the right finish is a massive plus for you, in your quest for perfect grooming.

Once you have found the the right electric razor, its in your best interest to extend its working life as long as possible.

As usual, understanding the technology involved holds the key.

Here are some simple ways to extend the life of your chosen electric shavers.

Keep your shaver clean

The cleaner you keep your shaver, the longer it will last you. Leaving your shaver dirty, will cause it to get dull and shorten its lifespan. You must clean your shaver once per week by manually brushing out the hairs from the blade and headframe.

To go even further, you can conduct a thorough cleaning process once per month by removing the cutter and foil and using some cleaning solution to get rid of the grime as well as muck embedded into the blade or the headframe. You can also soak the cutter and foil into some rubbing alcohol to remove any clinging bacteria from them.

If you own a Braun Shaver, you can take advantage of the cleaning system that keeps it clean so that it will work properly at all times. The accessory works with an alcoholic cleaning solution which come in cartridges. This ‘Clean and Renew’ feature is unique to Braun. Braun Clean and Renew refill cartridges usually sell in packs of four for around $5 each,but you can also make a cleaning solution for Braun following a simple recipe.

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Why Technology Development Is Important For Overall Development


The human brain is what differentiates us from other beings. Whatever we dream of or what we want to do is now made possible by science and technology. It is a generally accepted fact that a nation cannot develop without science and technology. We are living in a modern world, and now due to the advancement in technology, we see changes everywhere. Many old traditions  have now been bypassed by the advancing technologies. Today, technological development is the corner stone off all development in every facet of life.

Science, Technology and Development

Science, technology and development are very much inter-related. Technology is an outcome of advancements in science. Science is the study of knowledge, analysis and understanding the facts. It’s findings are then implemented into our lives as new technology. The advancement in technology can be seen anywhere. Everyday gadgets and machines that we are using are the product of the technology explosion. The rapid rise and advancement in science and technology leads to development in all aspects of life and society.

The Importance of Technology Development

One of the best and easiest example of the importance of technology development is the modernization it has brought in every aspect of life. The introduction of modern gadgets has made our life much easier. The invention of the mobile phone, computer, laptop, internet services, etc are examples of implementing science and technology. These modern gadgets have enabled us to do things much faster and lot easier. Let’s take the example of telephone, or the latest technological advancement,- the mobile phone. It helps us communicate with anyone anywhere anytime. Now we know what is happening in the world within seconds via technology. None of this would have been possible without the help of technology. Each advancement, in turn increases the need for technology education within every community for equal opportunity, and national growth.

A nation cannot be developed without technology development. Those countries that lag behind in technology are termed as under developed countries. Countries like USA, China, Japan, Russia, UK, etc are taken to be developed countries because they are very advanced when it comes to technology development. When a nation lacks modern technologies like electricity, infrastructure, medicine, information technology, etc, the nation has little chance of developing or competing in the modern world. They have to depend on other developed countries to meet their basic requirements, such is the importance of technical growth in this modern world.

Technology advancement plays an important role in the development of economy. When a nation is develops quickly in technology, it automatically drives the economy of the nation. Studies have revealed that the total global economy grew 17 fold in the 20th century because of technological development. Technology development leads to better communication. Airways and railways are now made available for fast transport and communication. Farmers are now equipped with the latest technology in tools and materials that directly lead to higher food production. Entrepreneurs and businessman are powered by the advancement of technology. Technology development has become the backbone for every  nation’s economic development.


For any kind of advancement today,technology development is the starting point. A nation cannot prosper and develop without technological  development. As individuals, we are responsible for keeping abreast of change to best provide for our families. Those with a broader responsibility for communities, or national development also have a responsibility to see that every individual is encouraged to understand and embrace technology to drive the country forward.

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Government’s Role in Streamlining the Development of Technology to its Citizens.

The role of the Government in streamlining the development of technology to the general population can be very challenging. However, it is one of the most important aspects of the country and requires thoughtful, careful, proper planning and implementation.

New technologies depend increasingly on scientific and engineering knowledge; this interdependence strengthens the reciprocal links between understanding and capability.

Technology has proven time and time again that, it can do a lot when it comes to cost saving and creating more efficiencies. For tedious tasks within government roles, technology can be a complete game changer. Technology plays an important role in fostering the redistribution of power and in encouraging interactions between government and its citizens.

The development of technology cannot be taken for granted, since its influences on us and the country in general are enormous, and  immensely valuable. With the growth and development of technology one has to adapt to its changes if we want to see the benefits of it.

Government’s biggest role is to educate the general public in order to maintain the pace of development and reap it’s benefits in our daily lives and for growth of the country in general.

The most important role of government in technology development and adoption is maintaining an environment conducive to private sector innovation and investment.

Many government policies affect the environment, including policies on taxes, trade, investment, patents, product liability, environmental and consumer protection and human resources etc.

Government has a major influence on technologies in its roles as customer, publisher, regulator, arbiter, conveyer of public interests, and leader in the interest of equity and a productive society. For example, although most communications standards are developed in the private sector, government is an essential partner to such developments.

The government must ensure in advancing the use of innovative technological approaches to support administration priorities, including job creation, broader access to affordable health care, enhanced energy efficiency, a more open and transparent government, and national and homeland security.

Technology is an essential ingredient of economic growth and in creating job opportunities.

The transformative impact that technology has brought in our day today life is extremely valuable. Advances in our understanding of how people learn and the explosion of information technologies are poised to transform learning and making it more interactive, personalized, and effective for every citizens of the country.

As an example, the 21st century digital infrastructure such as high-speed broadband Internet access, fourth-generation (4G) wireless networks, new health care technologies have made our lives much easier and smarter to live in.

Internet has become a global platform for communication, commerce and individual expression, and breakthroughs in important national priorities such as health care, education and energy. Information technology can be implemented to make government more effective, transparent and accessible to all citizens of the country. Additionally, technology applications can greatly improve workflow and enable staff to work from anywhere in the country.

For Example, in the United States of Virgin Islands, the Bureau of Information Technology (BIT) has established a strategic framework for deploying innovative technology solution to facilitate the business of government in a citizen centric environment.

Their goal is to increase the efficiency of government operations, decrease the cost of government operations while enhancing the ability of agencies to generate revenues, improve government employee engagement, improve citizen engagement and in general to improve the quality of life for the residents and visitors.

The government should take advantage of the recent technology to provide the best quality government services to its citizens.

In the United States of America, technology development and adoption occur through a complex system that encompasses many individuals and organizations. Researchers in academic, government, and industrial laboratories create new knowledge on which many advanced technologies are based. Colleges and universities educate new generations of scientists and engineers who will in return apply such knowledge at work.

Private companies invest financial and human resources in developing new technologies and adapting existing technologies to meet the perceived needs. Which resulted in making United States one of the several technologically powerful nations in the world.

With the advancement of technology, citizens of the country should be well equipped with the pace of development.

In conclusion, the role of the government in imparting and streamlining the development of technology to its citizens is very crucial and important if the country wants to enjoy the fruit of its development. The more educated the citizens are the better and faster is the growth and development of the country.

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Community in Tune with the Trends of Fast Changing Technology

Man has slowly crawled out from the darkness and into the light due to the progress of technology. Technology has expanded at such a rate  that things have changed dramatically. Now, we are so accustomed to technology that it is impossible to live without it. How familiar are you aware of the technology you are using? Let us have a look at some important issues and understand why we need to have a handle on technology.

In the past, the development of technology was not nearly as fast as it is today. The stiff competition between scientists and engineers has totally revolutionized what we think, what we do, how we care for our health and even what we eat. The changes are so rapid that we need to keep up or we will simply be left behind.

From a humble kitchen appliance to complicated gadgets and electronic goods to automobiles, the technology used is so advanced that we need to keep in tune with the changing trends. There is hardly anywhere that we don’t use technology in our everyday life. Therefore, it is a requirement for every individual to have technological knowledge for the enjoyment of life.

Through technology, every year the world becomes a smaller place. What was once a dream of a global village has become a reality due, to ever faster methods of communication and transport. If we don’t want to be the odd man out in an advancing society, we should always update our tools with the advancement of systems around us. Government’s role in streamlining technology to community is also very prevalent in our present society.

Today’s children are the assets of tomorrow and so they need to be educated technologically from the classroom to the highest level of technical learning considering its advantages over the traditional method of teaching. It should be made a lifelong activity of the children for a better tomorrow.

Whether you are in the office or workplace or at home, you just can’t ignore technology unless you have decided to go back to the caves. Even in your kitchen, modern technology has greatly enhanced cooking in style at ease with precision and speed.

In order to go to your office, you have to depend on an easy means of transport to reach your office in time. It is equally important in our day to day activities like banking, traveling, shopping, health and fitness,learning, working etc. to mention a few. You need to have technological knowledge in all these for an easier and more comfortable life.

Health care, industry, medicine, tourism, schools and institutions, entertainment, transport and communication and agriculture have spread their wings to fly with the advanced technologies at hand. Life will never be the same again with the ever-increasing development in technology.

The rapid development in technology has greatly improved the standard of living. It enables us to live a luxurious life ranging from cooking food to modern gadgets to clothing and the like. The houses we live in, the gadgets we use and the cars we drive are all related to modern technology. It meets our basic needs and requirements with ease and comfort.

In-depth research in medicine is possible because of the development in technology. It has touched and boosted almost every aspect of life. Now with the advanced technology you can have fresh or processed food from your refrigerator. Gadgets like mobile phones, laptop computers and tablets bring people closer to each other through contacts or social media networks.

It is a sad thing that many people are far behind the standard of living for lack of technical know-how of modern equipment. Most of the elderly are not tech savvy due to the fast pace of changes in technology, which in turn creates a widening generation gap.

To stop this gap widening further, the whole community should be encouraged to be familiar with the changing trends of technology and to enjoy the improved quality of life it brings.

However, checks and balances are needed to control cyber crime and hacking which is also on the rise in our communities. These are an unwelcome addition to our modern, technology driven societies.

Considering the advantages and the disadvantages of technology, the drawbacks are quickly out numbered by the benefits. Therefore, we should not hesitate to embrace the ever faster progress of technology, and the lifestyle enhancements it brings.

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Technology and the way men shave – Which is the best?


There was time when men used sharp objects to get rid of their hairs. Then they moved on to knives and manual blades. These days electric shavers are becoming very popular among men and they outperform the traditional means of shaving beard. But again, there are too many choices to make us confuse.

Out of the many attractive shavers with up-to-date technologies, deciding upon the best razor is not as easy as shaving our beard. There are too many choices available to get us confuse any day. What we expect from our shaver is closeness and comfort as the two most important priorities. Based on the types of shavers, Braun shaver 7 799cc series is most preferred choice among men for foil razors while the acclaimed Philips SensoTouch 9700 closely follows in rotary razors.

Why Braun 7 799cc Tops Foil Electric Shavers

Series 7 799cc is Braun’s second wet and dry shaver, which is an upgrade of series 790cc Braun shaver. As we know, speed, closeness and comfort are some important factors in shaving and we have it in Braun series 799cc. This shaver is also voted as the best electric shaver among many popular forums and websites.

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Review of Hamilton Beach Portable Induction Cooktop 34102

Hamilton Beach 34102

Induction cooking is one of the most recent developments in kitchen appliances. With the introduction of Induction Cooktop, the traditional cooking method like that Gas stainless stoves and other electrical cooktops are slowly loosing its popularity and demands over the market.

Hamilton is one unique brand that has produced varieties of Induction Cooktops with different design and special features. Out of their collections the Model No. 34102 is incredibly handy and versatile making it the most Portable Induction Cooktop of its creation.

What makes Hamilton Beach 34102 the most Attracted Cooktop

  • Hamilton Induction Cooktop is very Portable, with its compact design you can easily carry anywhere even for outdoor purposes like picnics and camping etc.
  • This portable Cooktop comes with a built in 120 minutes Timer for better cooking.
  • There is a Safety Lock feature to protect your heat settings when cooking different dish.
  • This appliance has Six Heat Settings, enabling you for the exact precision cooking performance which adds value to your meal.
  • Hamilton Beach Induction is an Energy efficient cooktop; it only heats up the diameter of the pan and not the atmosphere of it. In return it consumes less energy for cooking.
  • This Portable Cooktop is incredibly Heat efficient, heating up to 40% faster than the conventional kitchen gas or other electric cooktops.
  • Hamilton Beach Cooktop has no flame, unlike the traditional electric or gas cooking there are no hot coils or open flames making it very safer for cooking and operating.
  • As soon as you remove the induction ready cookware from the heating element, the induction heating process will stop instantly leaving the glass top cool to the touch.
  • This Induction Cooktop is very easy to wipe and clean, the surface and its surroundings can be easily cleaned soon after cooking.

Some Drawbacks about Hamilton Beach Induction Cooktop

  • This Induction cooktop works through a magnetic field between the induction coils beneath the glass top and the ferrous material in the cookware So, only induction compatible cookwares like that of a stainless steel, enamel cast iron , enamel on steel or cast iron will work very efficiently on this cooktop.
  • Cookwares with copper bottom, glass, aluminum, pottery type cookwares will not work on this Cooktop so we need to choose the most appropriate cookwares that will enhance cooking on this cooktop.
  • Induction cooking requires electric power supply. As long as you have power connection it can be used wherever and anywhere as per your needs and requirements.
  • Some have suggested that the cost of this cooktop seems to be high however, to invest on such an efficient and portable cooktop is worth and reasonable.
  • Some recommended for more burners however, for the smaller family or for the college going students Single Burner is their perfect choice that serves their purposes.

The Specifications of Hamilton Beach Portable Cooktop Model No. 34102

  • The dimensions of this Induction cooktop is  2.68″ H x 11.73″ W x 13.88″ D
  • This Induction cooktop weights about 8.1 pounds.
  • The Hamilton Beach Portable Induction cooktop is available in black color that will fit your kitchen decor.
  • There is an easy to read digital LCD display panel for all functions.


Considering all the above features, advantages and benefits of Hamilton Beach Induction Cooktop Model No. 34102, has attracted many users all over the world. If you need multiple burners you may also checkout  Bosch NIT5066UC 500 30″ or read more cooktop reviews

I have purchased this cooktop on the recommendation of my friend who has been using this same model for the past few months. I find it very convenient and highly efficient; it has saved a lot of my time and energy in preparing meal. I love this cooktop since it works so amazingly and wonderfully. So far it is excellent and worth investing. I have no regrets about this cooktop.

If you are looking for an efficient portable cooktop I will highly recommend you to consider this cooktop. For a surprising discount don’t forget to visit

Hope your search for the ultimate and the best Electrical Induction Cooktop will end here.

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