Reviews on Philips Hp6576 satin perfect epilator


What makes the Philips Hp6576 satin the perfect epilator, with extra special features that see it stand out from other epilators?

The beautiful feminine design with floral motif helps to differentiate it from men’s epilators and because of its unique design it looks classy when compared with the competiton.  It may not be as efficient as Philips Norelco 3D Series or some of the top electric razor for men, yet it’ll serve our purpose just right for ladies.

Despite its initial cost Philips hp657 satin perfect epilator, is the only epilator currently available on the market with ceramic tweezers coated with hypoallergenic silver ion. This helps prevent the growth of bacteria and removes even the finest hair in minutes while protecting the skin, and giving you the best epilating result. It also puts this product ahead of other epilator

Smart features and benefits:

  • It has a hypoallergenic and ceramic disc for removing the finest hair
  • Comes with a shaving head for shaving and trimming sensitive areas
  • Fully washable head for extra hygiene
  • Featuring built in opti- light revealing even the thin and finest hair for fast and efficient Epilation.
  • Has different attachment for close and smooth results


It took one hour to fully charge the battery.

Has a battery indicator

  • White light to indicate full charge,
  • flash red indicating low battery,
  • light red to indicate fully drained battery

It can be use as corded and cordless and when fully charge can get around 40mins of epilating. Despite its large power adaptor it is lightweight and so can be use anywhere and is compatible for 100-240v, provided we use the correct power adaptor.

Convenient Control setting:

Has 2 Speed settings for maintaining the ideal speed

  • Speed 1- super fast- favorable for fine and lots of hair like legs
  • Speed 2- moderate- larger areas with thicker hair growth like arms

Best for:

It works best for underarms, arms legs facial hairs legs and is save for body hair and face and removes body hair in sensitive areas like under arms bikini line and on hard to reach areas.

Pros and cons:


  • Cordless design that offers easy usage anywhere
  • Remove hair in a single pass
  • Minimize pain after first epilation
  • Comfortable travel case
  • Results in Smooth skin for up to four weeks.


  • it makes a louder sound than expected
  • it is painful but as compare with other epilator because of its ceramic head it is less painful
  • it is quite rough and painful but the idea of never have to shave or wax again it is simply the best
  • to avoid from ingrown hairs performing body scrub is required as epilating can create a lot of ingrown hair
  • for some unless they apply post Epilation lotion their skin is dry
  • Rougher around areas like knees or feet
  • Hurt more in thicker hair growth areas like armpits but will eventually decrease the pain after every use
  • It is expensive

It is not a wet/dry  model- as this is not waterproof this model is not designed to be use in water which limits its use in the bath or shower

Points to be considered

  • make sure to fully charge the battery before its first usage
  • not recommended for the first time user as it hurts a lot and so better switch to softer product

Unlike other epilators that use metal tweezers Philips epilator has 32 ceramic tweezers providing wide range of convenient balance its special features is that this ceramic is made of powdery clay substances that is heated to harden it making the tweezers less blunt.

Although it is expensive, Philips hp6576 perfect epilator’s unique features and other functions like different settings, user friendly, portable, corded and cordless features and its ultimate results, it is worth the price.

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Review of Hamilton Beach Portable Induction Cooktop 34102

Hamilton Beach 34102

Induction cooking is one of the most recent developments in kitchen appliances. With the introduction of Induction Cooktop, the traditional cooking method like that Gas stainless stoves and other electrical cooktops are slowly loosing its popularity and demands over the market.

Hamilton is one unique brand that has produced varieties of Induction Cooktops with different design and special features. Out of their collections the Model No. 34102 is incredibly handy and versatile making it the most Portable Induction Cooktop of its creation.

What makes Hamilton Beach 34102 the most Attracted Cooktop

  • Hamilton Induction Cooktop is very Portable, with its compact design you can easily carry anywhere even for outdoor purposes like picnics and camping etc.
  • This portable Cooktop comes with a built in 120 minutes Timer for better cooking.
  • There is a Safety Lock feature to protect your heat settings when cooking different dish.
  • This appliance has Six Heat Settings, enabling you for the exact precision cooking performance which adds value to your meal.
  • Hamilton Beach Induction is an Energy efficient cooktop; it only heats up the diameter of the pan and not the atmosphere of it. In return it consumes less energy for cooking.
  • This Portable Cooktop is incredibly Heat efficient, heating up to 40% faster than the conventional kitchen gas or other electric cooktops.
  • Hamilton Beach Cooktop has no flame, unlike the traditional electric or gas cooking there are no hot coils or open flames making it very safer for cooking and operating.
  • As soon as you remove the induction ready cookware from the heating element, the induction heating process will stop instantly leaving the glass top cool to the touch.
  • This Induction Cooktop is very easy to wipe and clean, the surface and its surroundings can be easily cleaned soon after cooking.

Some Drawbacks about Hamilton Beach Induction Cooktop

  • This Induction cooktop works through a magnetic field between the induction coils beneath the glass top and the ferrous material in the cookware So, only induction compatible cookwares like that of a stainless steel, enamel cast iron , enamel on steel or cast iron will work very efficiently on this cooktop.
  • Cookwares with copper bottom, glass, aluminum, pottery type cookwares will not work on this Cooktop so we need to choose the most appropriate cookwares that will enhance cooking on this cooktop.
  • Induction cooking requires electric power supply. As long as you have power connection it can be used wherever and anywhere as per your needs and requirements.
  • Some have suggested that the cost of this cooktop seems to be high however, to invest on such an efficient and portable cooktop is worth and reasonable.
  • Some recommended for more burners however, for the smaller family or for the college going students Single Burner is their perfect choice that serves their purposes.

The Specifications of Hamilton Beach Portable Cooktop Model No. 34102

  • The dimensions of this Induction cooktop is  2.68″ H x 11.73″ W x 13.88″ D
  • This Induction cooktop weights about 8.1 pounds.
  • The Hamilton Beach Portable Induction cooktop is available in black color that will fit your kitchen decor.
  • There is an easy to read digital LCD display panel for all functions.


Considering all the above features, advantages and benefits of Hamilton Beach Induction Cooktop Model No. 34102, has attracted many users all over the world. If you need multiple burners you may also checkout  Bosch NIT5066UC 500 30″ or read more cooktop reviews

I have purchased this cooktop on the recommendation of my friend who has been using this same model for the past few months. I find it very convenient and highly efficient; it has saved a lot of my time and energy in preparing meal. I love this cooktop since it works so amazingly and wonderfully. So far it is excellent and worth investing. I have no regrets about this cooktop.

If you are looking for an efficient portable cooktop I will highly recommend you to consider this cooktop. For a surprising discount don’t forget to visit

Hope your search for the ultimate and the best Electrical Induction Cooktop will end here.

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