How do I extend my Electric Shaver’s Life?

Using the best electric shaver and getting just the right finish is a massive plus for you, in your quest for perfect grooming.

Once you have found the the right electric razor, its in your best interest to extend its working life as long as possible.

As usual, understanding the technology involved holds the key.

Here are some simple ways to extend the life of your chosen electric shavers.

Keep your shaver clean

The cleaner you keep your shaver, the longer it will last you. Leaving your shaver dirty, will cause it to get dull and shorten its lifespan. You must clean your shaver once per week by manually brushing out the hairs from the blade and headframe.

To go even further, you can conduct a thorough cleaning process once per month by removing the cutter and foil and using some cleaning solution to get rid of the grime as well as muck embedded into the blade or the headframe. You can also soak the cutter and foil into some rubbing alcohol to remove any clinging bacteria from them.

If you own a Braun Shaver, you can take advantage of the cleaning system that keeps it clean so that it will work properly at all times. The accessory works with an alcoholic cleaning solution which come in cartridges. This ‘Clean and Renew’ feature is unique to Braun. Braun Clean and Renew refill cartridges usually sell in packs of four for around $5 each,but you can also make a cleaning solution for Braun following a simple recipe.

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