How do I extend my Electric Shaver’s Life?

Using the best electric shaver and getting just the right finish is a massive plus for you, in your quest for perfect grooming.

Once you have found the the right electric razor, its in your best interest to extend its working life as long as possible.

As usual, understanding the technology involved holds the key.

Here are some simple ways to extend the life of your chosen electric shavers.

Keep your shaver clean

The cleaner you keep your shaver, the longer it will last you. Leaving your shaver dirty, will cause it to get dull and shorten its lifespan. You must clean your shaver once per week by manually brushing out the hairs from the blade and headframe.

To go even further, you can conduct a thorough cleaning process once per month by removing the cutter and foil and using some cleaning solution to get rid of the grime as well as muck embedded into the blade or the headframe. You can also soak the cutter and foil into some rubbing alcohol to remove any clinging bacteria from them.

If you own a Braun Shaver, you can take advantage of the cleaning system that keeps it clean so that it will work properly at all times. The accessory works with an alcoholic cleaning solution which come in cartridges. This ‘Clean and Renew’ feature is unique to Braun. Braun Clean and Renew refill cartridges usually sell in packs of four for around $5 each,but you can also make a cleaning solution for Braun following a simple recipe.

You can also buy an Advance PowerClean System to get rid of grime in your shaver. This cleaning accessory usually only comes with the filter for the Rotary style shaver.

You can use the SmartClean to sort out your Philips Norelco Series 9,000 and Philips Norelco 9,700 wet and dry shavers. When carrying out the cleaning process, make sure not to tilt the SmartClean if you are trying to stop it from leaking. In addition, shake excess water from the razor before trying to use SmartClean on it. The model to buy is the SmartClean solution model JC30X. The JC301 comes with only one cartridge and the JC302 comes with two cartridges. You should clean using this accessory once per week.

Keep your shaver in a safe place

If you shave while taking a bath, then you need to remove your electric shaver from the bathroom when you are finished. If you allow your shaver to stay in the bathroom for long periods, the shower and bath steam will eventually affect the apparatus, causing it to lose its edge. In the end, your shaver will be to perform.

You also need to keep your shaver in an area where insects or rodents cannot get to it. Most electrical products become useless too quickly because of insects such as cockroaches and rodents eating away at the electric cords.

Replace foils and cutters when necessary

Foils and cutters can become dull when overused and so you need to replace them regularly to extend the life of your electric shaver, once per year is good enough. Every time you use your shaver, it tends to get a bit dull so seeing that the foil and cutters are replaced on time is extending its life. In fact, it is even better if you use a bit of lubricant to keep it moist most of the time. Disinfect the apparatus after each shave with some aerosol lubricant.

Change the batteries

Depending on how well you treat your electric razors, their battery usually last about 3 to 5 years. For some men, once the battery starts shutting down or slowing that is the end of the razor for them. However, this should not be the case as you can easily replace the battery and save the apparatus. To replace the battery you need to have a keen look at the manual to find out which battery type your shaver uses.

Some batteries used in top shavers are Nickel Metal Hydride (Ni-MH), Lithium Lon and Nickel Cadmium (Ni-CD). The Nickel Metal Hydride is non-memory effect and can last longer as well as has a greater charge capacity. Lithium Lon battery has a very small memory effect and even smaller voltage depression. It has a good energy feedback and registers a slow loss of power when using. The Nickel Cadmium takes much recharging for it to work well and has a higher memory effect in its charge cycle.

To minimize memory effects in your battery, you should make a point of discharging it fully every month or every two months to extend its use. Another way to reduce memory effect on your battery is for you to drain or discharge it before it reaches maximum charge and this requires that you run the shaver until the battery exhausts itself. In addition, try not to overcharge the battery as the effect of voltage is linked to low battery performance.

Do a motor overhaul

Your shaver life can also be extended if you take it to the repair shop for a motor overhaul. To find a suitable repair shop to get things back on track, you can consult the advertising section of your local newspaper or go online.

 Sharpen your old blade

Instead of replacing your shaver’s old blade with a new one, you can consider sharpening your old one. A new blade can cost in the area of $30 to $40 each time, which can add up.

To sharpen your old blade you can use a piece of glass. This practice dates back to the time of World War II when people found a way to use a piece of glass to sharpen their razor blade. To carry out the process, take a piece of flat glass that is clean to rub it against the blade, and keep a small brush nearby to brush the of the shaver’s blade.

Read the manual

Inside the box with each new shaver is a manual, which is strategically placed there by the manufacturer to give you proper information about how your electric shaver works. It has a list of dos and do not that you need to keep in mind. Consult your manual for instructions on how to extend the life of your shaver and you can keep it going for years to come.

So whether you use a general electric razor, or a specialized unit, like an Electric Head Shaver, it is possible to use the inbuilt technology of the unit to get the best possible operating life from your investment

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