Cyclo Vac a South East success story

Cyclo Vac, is one of the great success stories in home vacuum systems, and it started, and remains, right here in South East Canada.

Cyclo Vac History

Cyclo VacBased in Blainville, Quebec, Les Industries Trovac Ltée (ITL) was founded by Mr. Jacques Bruneau in 1960.

An expert in central vacuum systems, Jacques set out to make and sell the best Central Vacuum system available. The Cyclo Vac brand with its unique Burgundy color scheme was launched in 1976. The Company makes a remarkably quiet, performance based system respected through out the World.

It’s products quickly gained market acceptance, and one successful product followed another, with the brand being recognized for its reliability and quality. Ongoing success put pressure on distribution, so a Distribution center was opened in British Columbia (1989) followed by another in Treffieux, France in 1990.

By 1997 products were shipping worldwide, and continued growth saw the building of a new 30,000 square foot plant in Blainville. Since then these premises have been expanded to 75,000 Square feet. An additional distribution center was opened Kansas City in 2012. Ironically ,Canadians often visit online review sites looking for the best vacuum for carpet  ignoring this home grown company on their doorstep.

Central Vs Portable Vacuum Cleaners

The portable Vacuum Cleaner Industry continues to invest technology and design. New style cleaners such as Cyclonic Vacuums and Robotic Vacuums look for power, efficiency and convenience. Ironically, those factors already exist in Cyclo Vac central systems.

With a centralized vacuum system, the weight and portability of the cleaner is not an issue. This means larger and stronger motors can be used, producing greater cleaning Power.

The push for better air quality has seen increased focus on filtration with portable Cleaners. The Dyson Cyclonic has multiple filtration systems to ensure that all dirt is captured in the collection bin, and cleaner air is returned to your home or office. This is not an issue for centralized systems as all dirt and air is extracted to the large dust storage unit, well away from living and working areas.

Cyclo Vac is justifiably proud of its operation. While world manufacturing is increasingly centralized in South East Asia, the Company continues to do everything in house.

Cyclo Vac Manufacturing

First of all, The Vacuum systems are made from a single sheet of steel about a millimeter thick.

Run through a Press, the necessary holes are punched uniformly. The sheet is then rolled into the Circular drum shape and a few welds are made to secure it. From there, the entire seam is welded to ensure the unit is airtight. This guarantees high suction, and that no debris can escape back into the atmosphere.

When the various components are finished and assembled, they receive a coat of epoxy paint. This is oven baked to add durability.

The motor compartment is lined with noise absorbing foam and filters are added to capture Carbon dust.

Two simple features ensure quiet operation. The motor sits on rubber mounts and legs to remove vibration and avoid metal to metal contact .

Unlike portable vacuum cleaners with only one fan, these larger units use three, hence greater suction.
LCD readouts tell you when maintenance is needed, the dirt bin requires emptying, or when filters need cleaning etc.

By using laser guides to position the various Company logo’s and decals the product looks perfect everytime.

Quality Control

Because everything is made, tested and inspected in house, the Company can be sure that its logo goes on only the finest systems and attachments and
installation is via a network of trained and approved specialists.

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