Technology and the way men shave – Which is the best?


There was time when men used sharp objects to get rid of their hairs. Then they moved on to knives and manual blades. These days electric shavers are becoming very popular among men and they outperform the traditional means of shaving beard. But again, there are too many choices to make us confuse.

Out of the many attractive shavers with up-to-date technologies, deciding upon the best razor is not as easy as shaving our beard. There are too many choices available to get us confuse any day. What we expect from our shaver is closeness and comfort as the two most important priorities. Based on the types of shavers, Braun shaver 7 799cc series is most preferred choice among men for foil razors while the acclaimed Philips SensoTouch 9700 closely follows in rotary razors.

Why Braun 7 799cc Tops Foil Electric Shavers

Series 7 799cc is Braun’s second wet and dry shaver, which is an upgrade of series 790cc Braun shaver. As we know, speed, closeness and comfort are some important factors in shaving and we have it in Braun series 799cc. This shaver is also voted as the best electric shaver among many popular forums and websites.

For the basic requirements of shaving, even a shaver that costs less than a hundred dollars do the kind of shaving in a way you want to shave but not as comfortable as 799cc does. Again, some added patented features like ActiveLift trimmer shaves our beard in a fewer strokes. This feature is important to tackle flat lying hairs, it easily lift those hairs which otherwise is even tricky with manual blade shaving. The charge and clean station does miracles to keep your shaver in top condition. This way you can enjoy both wet dry shave.

Why Philips Norelco SensoTouch 9700 Rotary Shaver doesn’t Top the List? 

Once you start using Philips 9700 or the Braun 799cc, you’d hardly notice any difference in performance except the way it shaves. Norelco 9700 is rotary shaver while Braun 799cc is a foil shaver. If you are someone who suffer from ingrown hairs you would prefer foil over rotary shaver. Although Philips SensoTouch has all the features of Braun series 7 799cc, more people prefer to go for Braun, as it is gentler to the skin. Although there is not much of a difference in price, Braun 799cc is our best pick in electric razors because of its easy adaptability to all types of skin.

The Closing Lines

The charge and renew system which you will find in both the types of shavers are not merely bells and whistles for attraction but an additional feature for comfort while shaving. If closeness is such a pain to achieve in shaving, why not spend a little more and get a close shave in comfort with top electric shavers? Spend more and get more for what you pay for. Visit this site here for more information on Electric shavers and reviews.

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